Thursday, October 3, 2013

Epic Shower Gift - but I'm bias

My big brother got married! Super happy, not just for him, but because his wife really is like the sister I never had.  We both have an unexplained obsession with ROY G BIV and every color in between.  We tend to like the same foods (consuming and replacing makes it easy.)  She and my Mr. are giggly little winos together.  :)  I love my little family.

So with this being said:  She had a bridal shower.  The one I co-hosted was a kitchen shower, lots of new kitchen items were given.  This next one I just attended was a kitchen and bath product shower.  Consumables, paper products, cleaning supplies, kitchen bags, tin foil... you get the idea.  Well if you know my mom, you know she always has a trick or two up her sleeve.  Something has rubbed off on me because I believe I gave the best gift at this shower.  For starters, I wrote up a lot of homemade cleaning receipes, including but not limited to: Laundry Detergent, Fabric Softener, Glass/Window Cleaner, Oven Scrub, Shower Scrub, and a few others.  The remaining of my gift to her are the uncommon ingredients to make these cleaners.  Borax, Fels Naptha, Soda Wash, Baking Soda, Cheap Hair Conditioner, Empty Spray Bottles for mixing, Vinegar and a few other items.

I have also decided to make her homemade "paper" towels.  Instead of using terry cloth, I had already bought microfiber towels for her package.  

I read that if you dunk cheap wash cloths (or scrap material) in the fabric softner recipe I am giving her and let it dry, you can throw them in the dryer as a dryer sheet.  So I cut material for that as well.

Here are my finished "paper" towels:
First I had to cut off the finished edge of the microfiber cloth to square up the material, then I matched up the material to the wrong side of my fabric, sewed the edges leaving an opening for turning, turned, ironed the opening flat (makes it easier when top stitching and closing the hole) then I top stitched the material

I bought a snap tool from Hobby Lobby, it was really easy to add the snaps based on the directions that came with the tool.

That's it!  I placed everything in a Home Depot bright orange bucket for mixing laundry detergent but other than that I didn't get fancy with the wrapping, large black trash bag and jute to tie it off.. (no finsihed photo of it all together)

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