Thursday, February 21, 2013

Descaling an Iron (possibly a little too domestic)

This will probably be one of my most domestic posts:  How to Descale and Iron.
My view of the snow storm as it started
Gathered Materials

Coffee, A View, Tunes (my choice: Alt Nation on XM), White Vinegar, Rag Towels, Dirty Iron, & distilled water (not pictured)

I did a Google search for how to descale an iron, but I didn't find anything I liked so I took from several I read, all had the same theme, white vinegar and steam followed by distilled water.

First steam out any water remaining in the iron.  Fill iron with white vinegar.

Turn the setting to the highest steam setting and let the vinegar steam out until the "tank" is empty or all the holes are cleaned out, then fill the iron with distilled water.

Let the iron steam the tank dry, this will further clean out the lime scale in the iron.  I had to fill my tank twice because this is my first time cleaning my iron and it's gotten a lot of use over the last 5 months. My next post... Homemade napkins.  It includes a lot of  pre-sewing sewing and ironing (hence my scaly iron and the need to clean it.)

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